We speak for the dumb,
for the cause of all abandoned.

We plead and defend
the unfortunate and needy.

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* You are generous artists , athletes , businessmen , entrepreneurs , men and women , young and old, why not organize events and various projects for their benefit – for the benefit of all the sick and underprivileged children around the world ?

* In addition to your common knowledge , why not associate your human image with  the  humanitarian causes of the Houses of the Heart focused solely on charity and the concept of love thy neighbour.

* As the commitment of the Houses of the Heart is unwavering , so shall the momentum in our partnership be strong , in your most noble ambitions as well as in your business.

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"Is the black race, the race not to trust? Where man does still not trust the black man? In anyway, at least for once, I would ask you to trust this black man not recommended. A man through whom all the sick and disadvantaged children in the world find any shade of color."

Richard Kaufman,
Spokesman of the sick and disadvantaged children