We speak for the dumb,
for the cause of all abandoned.

We plead and defend
the unfortunate and needy.

Bequest, donation, life insurance

Bequests, donations and life insurance are an important resource , a noble gesture of love.

By various bequests, donations and life insurance . Houses of the heart can act on a large scale and thus reduce the need for all those who lack everything , in France , throughout Europe and the rest of the world, and this significantly.

Unlike a donation, bequest is a specific provision , the establishment of a will by which the future called the ” testator” undertakes to provide , upon his death his property to the Houses of heart ,

(Address of headquarters) – ( individual or corporate ), the ” heir “.

Wills and bequests

medium through which you say exactly what your final wishes.

You can write your own last will in favor of the Houses of heart or done through a notary. And all will write your own care says: holographic, must to be valid, dated and signed by you .

This type of will is the easiest and most convenient .

To make a will by a notary incurs costs from 100 € more after the notary. This type of will is called authentic it will keep and record double in his study.


Sign a contract of life insurance for the benefit of the Houses of the heart, is once again a great way to strengthen our financial and material capacity for aid and curative assistance from mute, in the cause of all abandoned , poor and needy .

To designate the Houses of heart as beneficiary , you just mentioned.

And if the simple donation , the donor is committed to helping the association Houses of heart to help fund its humanitarian operations , it is the same for the legacy and life insurance .

Houses of heart , skill Association Act 1901 to receive your support in all its forms , so you get a total exemption from inheritance

"Is the black race, the race not to trust? Where man does still not trust the black man? In anyway, at least for once, I would ask you to trust this black man not recommended. A man through whom all the sick and disadvantaged children in the world find any shade of color."

Richard Kaufman,
Spokesman of the sick and disadvantaged children