We speak for the dumb,
for the cause of all abandoned.

We plead and defend
the unfortunate and needy.

Financial clarity

The Houses of the Heart have a policy of total clarity of its accounts with respect to all its donors (public , private, philanthropic and others).

Every year we make known to all our donor partners by post or by email and in the clearest way possible , the use and distribution of donations in association with our various humanitarian works around the world .

You will find in the annual report of the association: the moral report , the financial report and the annual account.

A complete and permanent record is made ​​for the partners and sponsors in relation to each of their sponsored children .

The Houses of the Heart agree on principles of financial management distributed as follows.

How will my donation be used ?

Expenses :


Resources :


Tax deduction , life insurance , bequests and donations ISF.

You will automatically receive :

for all donations made ​​to the Houses of the Heart , a tax receipt entitling you to a tax reduction .

"Is the black race, the race not to trust? Where man does still not trust the black man? In anyway, at least for once, I would ask you to trust this black man not recommended. A man through whom all the sick and disadvantaged children in the world find any shade of color."

Richard Kaufman,
Spokesman of the sick and disadvantaged children