We speak for the dumb,
for the cause of all abandoned.

We plead and defend
the unfortunate and needy.

General Conditions of Sale

Preamble or general conditions of sale

These conditions of sale are intended to clarify the rights and duties between the Association of the Houses of the Heart and their partners, friends , customers and donors.

These conditions of sale, may not be modified without exemption.

All our partners , friends and customer-donors acknowledge to have read and accepted  all the conditions of sale of the products offered at the time of ordering .


The products that are offered for sale have no profit-making motive , eighty percent (80 %) of the amount of your purchases are immediately and entirely used for the sole benefit of all the sick , poor and needy.

If an item is out of stock , the Houses of the Heart can offer you another similar product according to your choice.

The prices are in Euros, all taxes,shipping and delivery expenses are included for Europe.

Our ordered items are charged and invoiced at the current prices at the time when the order is made .

The Houses of the Heart accept any generous over-payments in excess of the rates indicated as desired by the ‘good heart’ of the customer – donor. The excess amount will be recognized as a “gift” and a tax certificate can be issued at the request of the customer – donor.

Any order signed by the click of the validation option , confirms and prooves the contents and the date of the order.
The Houses of the Heart request that customer-donors are as accurate as possible with the delivery  address of the recipient in order to avoid any complications with the delivery of the product. The Houses of the Heart will not be held responsible in the case of any error

The Houses of the Heart , may in some cases cancel the order of a product for reasons of fairness and morality.


The products will be delivered only when all amounts due have been paid.

1 ) Secure payment by credit card

Payments can be made in confidence : customer- donors can pay directly online by entering the 16 digits of their credit card , expiration date + CCV number (3 digits).

All information is automatically encrypted and processed using this telepayment system

Neither the Houses of the Heart , nor any other  person has legal access to this data .

2) Payment by cheque

Once the order is placed , the customer – donor can print the order form that appears on the screen  — the order is now live.

Next , just attach the printed order form with the cheque and then send it to the following address : House of the Heart treatment center – 1 Place Hameau Gaston – 09500 Viviès – FRANCE


The Houses of the Heart process your order within 24 hours after receipt of payment and the customer-donor will receive the delivery swiftly at the address indicated in the order form.

The Houses of the Heart , deliver worldwide , customer-donors are prohibited to market these products. The delivery will be made by recorded delivery. In case of absence of the recipient , the package will remain available for 15 days at the post office depending on the operational manner of the Postal Service in the chosen country of the delivery address.


The Houses of the Heart take all necessary action with regards to the packaging and protection of your order to try to avoid any inconvenience.

However , the Houses of the Heart guarantee the right to return and exchange the like product if damaged during transport .

Always check your parcel on arrival in case of damage or defects.

You have a period of 72 days to exercise your right to return and exchange the item with the carrier and the association of the Houses of the Heart.

If this situation occurs , please send us the new item(s), in its original packaging intact and accompanied by any accessories – by registered mail/recorded delivery, to enable us to deal with your complaint .

"Is the black race, the race not to trust? Where man does still not trust the black man? In anyway, at least for once, I would ask you to trust this black man not recommended. A man through whom all the sick and disadvantaged children in the world find any shade of color."

Richard Kaufman,
Spokesman of the sick and disadvantaged children