We speak for the dumb,
for the cause of all abandoned.

We plead and defend
the unfortunate and needy.

The Working Spirit of the Association “Les Maisons du Coeur”

I - Who are we

I – Who are we :

The Association “LES MAISONS DU COEUR” is a group of multicultural, multinational people working except any mind religious, cultural, political, sectarian spirit and except any emotion of hatred, anger and racism.

LES MAISONS DU COEUR is a group of indignant people, but active and reactive in front of injustices of this world against weaknesses: the CHILDREN.

II - Our Spirit and our Working motives with the abandoned child

II – Our Spirit and our Working motives with the abandoned child :

Our Working spirit is one “the Love of one’s neighbor, a pure Love without background, a pure Love without distinction nor preference of people.

The Love of neighbor which we advocate is a Love “Rainbow”, a non-sectarian Love, but a Universal Love.

Watch out! We are all armed! The Love of neighbor is our only weapon, allows us to combat any discriminations.

Our Love of neighbor benefits fairly to all these children around the world, these children who all awake, all die of hunger, by thirst and sometimes by a simple cold.

Our Love of neighbor benefits everyone; whoever it is, wherever from he is, wherever that he is!

Watch out! We are all armed! The Love of neighbor is our only weapon, allows us to combat the evil, the vice, the prejudices and all the injustices which the world subject to the weakestthe CHILDREN.

III - Our difference

III – Our difference :

The houses LES MAISON DU COEUR, in contrast to the other…, solve problems not in mass, but rather, case by case and with the most supervised way possible, by drawing up every time for each person helped, a history of «giving to the Salvation».

Case by case is a painstaking job, we fully agree, but a work which remains very effective with concrete and definitive “ RESULTS SOLUTIONS”! The mass is a work of globalty, a shoved to spectacular effects work, but a work too often little effecient producing very short-lived and punctual solutions, leaving the person assisted on his hunger. The Association LES MAISONS DU COEUR therefore prefers to work case by case focusing on the CONCRETE HELP and not the implementation of the ASSISTANCE.

  • For 1000 assisted persons, it is the guarantee of the quota the guarantee of more visibility, the guarantee of the illusion on help… (And this is the picture that you give the hypocritical and manipulative associations )
  • However, for 1 person helped, although that this is unfortunately the certainty to be less visible and less spectacular, because the quota here amounts to case by case, we know Fortunately, with conviction, that help in such cases is a radical surgery and a curative treatment on the assistance of mass.

And in fact, on 1000 people assisted massively, there is none helped.

We arrived at a clear and definitive conclusion that for 1 person helped, it is always the saved 1 to 1000 assisted..

► In final, between 1000 assisted and 1 helped, truest and most Visible on the reintegrated statistics social, it’s the helped!

The Association LES MAISONS DU COEUR, in common agreement with you, to decided to continue to HELP the poor by this unique way and means.

IV - We redistribute wealth without keeping them for us

IV – We redistribute wealth without keeping them for us :

Although we are a registered trademark at INPI, we do not work as a company profit-seeking; We do not consider by no mean the poverty of the others as a “lucrative”, well instead, we fight this in the most vivid manner!

We are and you know, a non-profit Association and have no bailed out money savings accounts which slumber, we are not point listed on the stock exchange, we make no financial transaction seen by personal enrichment, etc.; (which would be completely ironic with will reduce inequalities through nations.)

  1. and seenthe level of poverty around the world.
  2. seen our awareness of the rights of the poor and the unfortunate defenders; We have no idle money in bank accounts; the actual cash we make to help the disadvantaged children are exactly equivalent to the inflow of donations, or even more…
  3. seen the increasing number of the shouts of poor children destitute around the world; We deceive no donor and we will never make it! Where from the transparency in each of our Missions across the world. Where from our full determination to put our donors in immersion on the detailed current of all our composed humanitarian actions.
  4. Seen the poverty around the world and for the sake of economy to help better equitably all these children disqualified through peoples; None of the members leaders or volunteers of the.Association LES MAISONS DU COEUR has no private Jet, either travel in first class, or buys to himself cars or expensive ultra luxury castles.
  5. Seen to poverty around the world; We share with follow up all the Dons that we receive from you with all orphanages and all other social structures across continents and this, no matter their sign;

We do not deliver and we will never deliver with any association or orphanage through the world so-called “market competition”, as the perverts, made on the poor. But all our interests, even impose it, has to reduce tha disparities which are vector factors of this “shameful market” that several made on poverty of the weakest. Fight it, hand in hand, as shown in the logo of the Association LES MAISONS DU COEUR, not everyone on his side with his selfish interests, but all together with the only interest that is eradicate the predations that the forts of this world make on the poor and the excluded in the sole and exclusive purpose of drag for the personal benefit of all vicious ‘shameful market’ of poverty.

The love of others can never be division and still less factor lucrative and profitable on the map ‘financial and material prosperity’, never!

On the contrary, love will always put us hand in hand for the development of others with any possible personal deficit. Love is always wanting to see another happy as we are ourselves, and this, some are our origins, our culture, our religious thoughts or not. unless, it is another thing that really motivates us to be together. Cohabitation, is not it? Not cohabite, but live together.

 It is also for this reason that LES MAISON DU COEUR Association redistributes wealth with concrete proof to all those, who like us, help others with Justice, righteousness and transparency. And this, without expecting in return:

“We receive free your donations and we redistribute them for free.”

The orphans, the poor, the deprive, thepoor, the abandonned as well as the widow… All, need our help. Let us help them from where we are, whoever we are, wherever we are!


Because assistance is expensive;


Because ASSISTANCE never restores independence, nor in the wizard and even less in the assisted;


Because the ASSISTANCE is the “pretend” to provide assistance;


Because the ASSISTANCE leverages poverty and laziness;


For ASSISTANCE, it is selfishness and cheating;


Because ASSISTANCE is illusion.

Joining the houses of the heart, it is helped people with your donations.

HELP is generous, HELP is JUST, help give peace to one who helps and for the one who is helped, and it there any malice in the help.

Let us help each other and let us stop the hypocrisy of assistance, because as long as the ASSISTANCE will be cultivated, we cohabiterons always together, but if together we grow the aid, we will end up living together.

V - Our policy for sick children and orphans

V – Our policy for sick children and orphans :

It is to simply obey the image of one who takes the needy from the mud to make him sit at the table of the Kings. This image of “surrender to the Salvation”, that means :

We accompany the sick and disadvantaged children of their coverage until their full complete cure. We are looking for well-intentioned godparents for abandoned, sick children in long-term or rejected.

We have a politics for orphans:

  • We break the image of the orphanage at the orphan, that means., we break this getup’s “prisoner to the chain.
  • We dress appropriately a child says “orphaned” as an ordinary child with a choice of correct clothes and suitable shoes.
  • We break this ritual of “canteen” where basic nutrition would cut the appetite of our own children.
  • We give to the child said “orphan” the taste of eating and drinking through a diverse and varied food served in good plates, plates of “Kings”.
  • We give “orphanages” capacity to propose at least 2 varieties of dishes per day giving children so-called “orphan” freedom to choose his favorite dish of the day.
  • We break together at the child says “orphan” any outward sign of an orphan child in an orphanage or not.
  • For all those who really want to help a child says “orphan”, do it together with us and we guarantee you that the orphan will not be orphan any more, but rather, he will look like at any point in our own biological children!

► “Liberate the child says “orphan” from the mind of the orphan yoke.”

This is where even our preventive treatment to make the child a free man, the hope of tomorrow.

VI - Financial transparency

VI – Financial transparency :

79% collected donations are part of HELPS broughtto the most destitute, and it goes to 100% with sick children, orphaned children, unfortunate and disadvantaged children around the world.

The 21% of collected donations allow the associative structure to assume its various operating expenses and missions.

"Is the black race, the race not to trust? Where man does still not trust the black man? In anyway, at least for once, I would ask you to trust this black man not recommended. A man through whom all the sick and disadvantaged children in the world find any shade of color."

Richard Kaufman,
Spokesman of the sick and disadvantaged children